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TT – The Gratitude eDition


I’m enjoying every minute of my new adventures, and today I give gratitude to those wonderful creative women I have met on this journey. Kim Klassen is one of these ladies, she’s always willing to give you an extra helping hand, with her wonderful textures and artistic skills. Catch Kim over at the Cafe here..with her captured photo today I could only wish that I could be closer to have that coffee with her.

The enchanting moments of my new course The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design…has opened my eye’s to the wonderful world of patterns and colour. Rachael Taylor and Beth Nichols are extraordinary women, who for the past three weeks have had me on a new cloud and following a rainbow. Seeking new designs with nature and making me think outside the box of pattern and colour. It hasn’t been a smooth rainbow ride, but some magical carpet is taking me on a new adventure. These talented twosome are overflowing with information and the wonderful group of energized participants are all live wires. The cyber classroom is full of shining stars.

Today’s photo, well what can I say with a new attempt at texture layering, I can’t tell you how I achieved it…I got lost in the middle somewhere…but it’s a photo of one of my favourite flowers I took this morning, and Kim Klassens texture: – ‘phoebe’…the rest, the magic fairy has strutted her stuff!

With gratitude I thank everyone who visits and leaves me comments and have a great week everyone.

Joining Kim Klassen at the cafe with Texture Tuesday

Yvette …x



  1. At the grocery store today I filled my nostrils with the scent of one of these beauties – heavenly.

    Your photo, once again, is just lovely. I’m so happy your journey is developing into a joyful one, Yvette.

    Marianne xo

  2. Oh this is so pretty, Yvette. And thank you so much for the lovely comment earlier this evening. I picked up the mug just the other day from Pier One – and the chocolates (with polka dotted candies all over them) are from Trader Joe’s. Very yummy!

    Welcome! I think you’re going to love TT’s! I’ll look forward to seeing you around. 🙂

  3. I love this lily, too. The white, to my eye, is almost blindingly white. Adding texture to it is really quite striking and beautifully done.

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