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TT – Let’s Celebrate

mixed dec 20115

recipe: original photo twistedvines + kkmusicsheet + highlights 43%

This final Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen and all the other participants for 2011 is indeed a celebration. One which has taken me on a journey this year celebrating all the wonderful images captured behind the lens. I’ve learnt truly so much this past year about photography, textures, the things I love and the emotions that one image can hold.

Images that when I look back over the year have made me smile, content and extremely happy of my achievements in extending my knowledge and passion for photography. Sometimes by extreme luck and good timing to capture one of natures beauties, or the persistence from within ( … the little pedantic streak in me) to get that set up shot just ‘right’.

And with the passing of this ‘changing’ year, I look forward to new things, beautiful images and life’s challenges.

Some of my favourites for 2011…

TT: Camellia Rose

camellia rose

back to school

TT: Back to School

redthree edition

TT: Red


TT: three eDition


TT: Vintage

la dolce vita

TT: La Dolce Vita

la dolce vita

Just a few of my favourites..maybe even one of yours?

Thank you to all who visit and leave sweet words of encouragement, your love and friendship is overwhelming…

Have a truly wonderful day,



    • Amy, thanks for linking back, I’m still experimenting always as for my style..thats always evolving too. I’ve had a wonderful time doing TT and thanks to the talents of Kim Klassen its all made so much easier.

  1. What elegance you’ve created through your lens. The texture over the photo is so lovely. I enjoyed looking at your other photos as well.

    • Hi Teresa O, I just thought for the festive season, a music script paper was appropriate, it does work well and now one of my favourites. x

    • Thanks Suzanne, I love the colour for this season, these baubles were an additional thread to my advent wreath. It worked out well! Joyful Blessings for the Christmas season. Yvette x

  2. Beautiful one and all. It has been an exciting and learning yr. Fun to look at all the past creations too. Happy Holidays.

    • Happy Holidays to you and your family. Yes, a learning year for me and photography, I’m still grasping Photoshop, so new horizons for next year.

    • Thanks Pat, I so love the background effect that the ribbon and tulle has given when textured, almost like snowflakes. . Thanks for calling by. x

  3. For a relative newcomer to your site, it’s a nice mini-collection of your work, Yvette, and easy to see why these are your favorites.

    • Thanks, a ‘mini-collection’ I like that! One of my dreams to exhibit one day…my artwork, never imagined a collection of photographs…!! Have a great week! x

    • Thanks Karen, and always nice to have new visitors to my little creative corner. The kkmusicscript texture puts an extra Christmas feel to this photo, making it more fun and joyful! x

    • Just a few of my favourites! It’s fun looking back at all photo’s and seeing the diverse compositions!

    • Hi Mandy, me too, any new one always become the favourite of
      the day! Otherwise I wouldn’t have shown it! Have a great day x

  4. An interesting blog with images that you particularly like , you are certainly talented my friend and always present a beautiful blog

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