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Marshmallow Velvet Cake

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Hello Lovelies,

I’ve really missed these times of creating in the kitchen, and believe it, this is my first recipe of the year. A wonderful ‘fluffy’ start to the countdown to our most chocolaty time of the year – Easter.

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My mind is whirling with recipes and creative threads for Easter, and time allowing I hope to show you a few in the upcoming days and weeks…It’s not long so that means for us here in the southern hemisphere our first holiday break. And I’m so looking forward to it!

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Marshmallow red velvet cake, smothered in mascarpone frosting, half with coconut and the other with mini white marshmallows. Served with Arabic coffee.

This truly is a luscious moist velvet cake recipe…

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A soft moist red velvet mixture covered with mascarpone frosting smothered in a bis of coconut and mini white marshmallows.

Recipe: Marshmallow Velvet Cake



Sharing this with a friend, is the nicest way to spend the afternoon…over a cup of tea of coffee.

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My new ceramic coffee mug, unique with its Summer Rose Collection print, charmed by a little chatter and an aromatic taste of Arabic coffee.

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With the start of Spring today in the Northern Hemisphere, wishing everyone wonderful warmer and sunny days.

Have a wonderful afternoon, my friends


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    • Thanks Ian, It was wonderful to take a day off and do the things I love! Baking and creating in the kitchen! x

    • Hi Tandy, it’s such a soft moist mixture, I usually don’t make a lot of things with buttermilk, and the tip of keeping the cake in the freezer before cutting and icing is a great trick. x

    • I guess I’ve been overlooking the recipe side of things…the photography fase has taken a leap ahead, but I really enjoy cooking and had a wonderful day creating havoc in the kitchen! x

    • Hi Nicky, My neice and nephew had a real treat after school today, marshmallows seem to give a light ‘fluffy’ impression…there were smiles of contentment. HAve a wonderful week! x

  1. That looks amazing! I had a red velvet cupcake yesterday and now have cravings for more. Might have to try this tonight.

    • Hi Marie, This red velvet mixture is sooo light and moist, thankyou for calling by. Have a great week! x

    • Hi Zinnia and welcome to Twistedvines. Lovely meeting you for ‘tea time’…roses are my favourite, and we have the last of them in our gardens here. Enjoy Spring! x

  2. I saw the black and white version first. It looks yummier in these shots. You are a wizard in the kitchen!

    • I know what you mean, somehow the colour gives it more ‘flavour’. But it certainly is interesting the change of our ‘feelings’ from one photo to the other. Have a great day! x

    • Hi Pamela, Welcome to Twistedvines. Thanks for calling by. This Velvet cake certainly is moist and ‘yummy’ and I love the different texture effects of both marshmallows and coconut.Have a great week! x

  3. Oh my! A marshmallow cake! I have a weakness for marshmallows!
    What a yummy post! And such a beautiful “tea” mug (wink, wink!)! I love all the roses that cover it. These are my favorite types of mugs.

    • Hi Terri, it’s great to join in with your link again and catch up with all of your friends for tea….I love the rose pattern on the coffee mug, and it even has it’s own gift box of the same pattern. A lovely gift! Happy Spring Days! x

    • Thanks Sue, for calling by, these mini marshmallows can now be found sugar free also, so the ‘sweetness’ is lighter but still giving a wonderful texture to a plain cake. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Yvette,
    What a luscious looking cake! It would taste so wonderful with coffee in your gorgeous mug! Such pretty photos too! So happy you’ve joined me for tea today. Have a lovely week.


    • Sandi, I know it’s been a while since I have joined in with you and your friends at Rose Chintz Cottage. How wonderful for you all with the changing season of the start of Spring. A great time of the year. I had a wonderful day in the kitchen creating this vignette. Have a lovely week. x

  5. Oh, Yvette, I absolutely love your vignettes of the cake, coffees, feather.. sooo pretty and yummy looking. All that marshmallowy and coconut goodness over that moist looking dark cake. You are a master of cooking and photography and so much more.

    Blessings, friend,
    Marianne xo

    • Hi Marianne, so happy ‘things’ are fixed and we can communicate here again on Twistedvines, I love this time of season, the lead up to Easter and I’ve had this decoration in mind for a while. Red Velvet Cake is always a winner for the guests.Happy days! x

    • Thankyou for calling by, I had ‘fun’ decorating this cake, theres something about the texture of ‘fluffy’ mashmallows that catches the eye!

  6. OMG doesn’t this cake look like fun to prepare and luscious to eat. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I can’t way to give it a try.

    Thank you for sharing the recipe and beautiful photos!

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