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You First

Another challenge with Kim Klassen’s ‘Beyond Layers’. Bit by bit, layer by layer, finding the true inner self and capturing those wonderful moments, and times that I as a person grab onto the ‘me’ time. Last weeks self portrait challenge, wasn’t easy for myself and some other members of the group, but hey! it was a release to confront the self image, the reflection of the ‘true’ me and with Kim’s encouragement continue on this self discovery journey. So what better way to continue but ‘take the time’, embrace the ah ha moments that I can truly say, I’m doing this for me, I’m taking some time (and not feeling guilty) to do the things I love.

I grabbed the moment of spending a few days with a wonderful friend, who was on her mission to excel in her new years resolution, of making time to visit family more often  Family not at her doorstep, travelling to the ‘bush’ some kilometers away from her home. I too, was on a mission, find time to do the things I love doing. Spending time with ‘true’ friends and you guessed it, just taking shots, of natures beauty. No props, no controlled lighting, just beautiful scenery. Capturing the raw Australia.

albany 2012 003 Rusty Bits

Old farm machinery in the early morning light of sunrise.

albany 2012 005

Morning Haze

An early morning crispness in the air with morning misty haze.

albany 2012 008 Rusty Wire

albany 2012 015Feeding Trough

albany 2012 011 Old Skull

albany 2012 013 Pickets

albany 2012 017 White Gum

albany 2012 018 Knotted White Gum

albany 2012 026 Textured White Gum I

albany 2012 028Textured White Gum II

albany 2012 025  Memoirs

albany 2012 030 Skull I

I can honestly say, seeing the parting tears of a mother, the hand shake of a brother, and the caressing hug of family, my friend accomplished her mission. An inspirational journey of taking a couple of days off work, from the every day routine, and although thinking initially how about some quality time for me, a couple of days resulted in seeing the love of giving, the love of sharing, and friendship ,what taking a few moments to talk face to face with someone can truly make some ones heart swell with gratitude, eyes sparkle with love and learn the lesson of what we give out, will truly come come back, a thousand times over.

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends



  1. Wonderful post, Yvette..full of passion of everything important in life. I’m glad you were able to take some time with a friend, doing what you love to do, and discovering who Yvette really is…a remarkable, beautfiul Spirit with so much to offer.

    Marianne xo

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  3. Nancy says

    We often and easily forget the importance of one on one interaction with people — enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays, Yvette.

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