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TT – Flowers

This weeks Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen, isn’t so much the subject matter – flowers…I love photographing flowers as many of you have seen before. It’s actually the point at which I venture out of the warmth of inside the house…of a Winter dreary day, and look around the garden, not to find too much to photograph. The hint of the final lavender amongst the rosemary, and the tiniest rose buds screaming from the leafless branches of rose bushes. Sometimes the simplest of things, and the dull of light can give us something truly beautiful.

june20127  june20126 june20124 june20125 I’ve been wanting to take photographs of this bottle for ages…I just love it. I’m a tonic water drinker, and just adored this limited edition collection that Schweppes Australia distributed. The series is a collection of 1920’s – 1950’s pin up girls.See the full collection in the inspiration room.

I’ve had these photo images in my mind for ages…and it was truly magical inspiration to see these photos come alive.

natural Downloads40 original photo twistedvines + kkchase +light/shadow adjustments.

organic1 original photo twistedvines + kkorganic + warmfly + glow adjustments.



Sweet Shot Tuesday at Photography with Kent Weakley


Lovely to have you visit today.



    • Thanks for calling past and leaving a comment, my all time favourite photographing roses…and the new camera has me in a whirlwind! Yx

    • Oh the new camera has so many new aspects of letting me explore and develop my photography. Even the loneliness of these ‘lost’ Winter rose buds, ‘Bloomed’ again in magical detail under macro! Thanks for calling by and leaving a comment! Yx

    • Hi PrairieJill, all natural light today for these shots, no sunshine at all, a real gloomy and cold Winters day. These rose buds certainly shone though! Yx

    • Thanks Kim,it’s amazing these rose buds survived the frost of the last couple of mornings. They certainly bloomed with the warmth of inside and the lens of my camera! Yx

  1. This is some beautiful photography here, Yvette. Your first shot gives that opening rose bud an ethereal quality. Very well done and I’m going to pin it to my Photography board.

    • Thanks John, I really enjoyed my photography time today, and really was at peace with the moment! It makes such a difference how we’re feeling emotionally also behind the lens! Have a wonderful day! Yx

    • Hi Marianne, hope your doing fine this week! You know me and roses, anytime there’s a way, I’ll get them into a shoot! Happy days my friend. Yx

    • Thanks Molly, I love the set-up of your blog and you’ve taken some wonderful photo’s. Your description of my first macro is perfect! Yx

    • Oh, the collection is divine. I should have bought a six pack…silly me. I’m not sure even if they’re still in circulation! They are great, have a look at the link on my blog, a table setting would look all the more ‘ritzy’ don’t you think? Have a great day. Yx

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