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tt – The Look Down eDition

This weeks Texture Tuesday theme is ‘look down’. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph this beautiful rose, and it’s unusual colours. Soft pink petals each outlined with a soft tinged green. I can’t tell tell you the name of it as I bought a bunch while out shopping. The recipe for today’s photo is very much a jumble, however I can tell you that I used the latest texture of Kim Klassen’s ‘Dream-it’. I’ve also been experimenting with my photographs and making kaleidoscopes with their colours…   This design is from the exact same rose photo, using the software Paintshop Pro x. You can try it out with their 30 day trial here. Lot’s of fun! Have a great day,….Yvette x

Soup Kitchen: Corn & Chicken

Here’s one of those quick light lunches, for you. One that is going to warm you up. Cuddle you… and we all need cuddling! A very tasty Corn & Chicken Soup. Not a soup that I’ve made before, but was teased to try the flavours. I’ve always seen  it on menu’s but have never tried it. It’s funny how the cooler days, we reach for boiling water, stock cubes and vegetables to satisfy our taste buds. Read on for the recipe…

Easter Revisited #1

What better way to spend the afternoon with the warm sunlight reflecting off the windows, and surrounded by pastels, feathers, eggs, nests and mouth watering chocolate sweets. I found this old English china, not your usual fine, elegant designs and motifs. Plain, no designs, no gold trims, no embossing, just plain, hardly any markings.J EG. Meakin Glamour Celeste, Glamour Jade. But I couldn’t resist taking a few photos and making the cups and sauces, plates and bowls come alive with radiant pastel colours and charm. Perfect for an afternoon tea. What better way then to celebrate Easter with all these soft pastel colours. Egg Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Fairy Floss pink and Glamour jade. But to me they are all treasures, just because of their pastel colours. The plates and cups blend into a beautiful calm and playful group of colour – p a s t e l s. Another special treat for Easter, chocolate coated bunnies. This recipe is so much fun, just for the little ones. Another easy recipe for Mum to make and …

Chocolate Rum Balls

Sugar and spice make these Chocolate Rum Balls a decadent ultimate Christmas treat. Aromatic spices of cinnamon and mixed spice, rolled in chocolate sprinkles and coconut.  One bite size of pure bliss. During Module 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Design course, we created moodboards and colourboards that we shared with all the other participants. It was four weeks of creative works and wonderful new friendships and energy, and I look forward to modules 2 and 3 in 2012. One of my boards I created was chocolate brown and red, and it’s somehow has influenced also this post. Just a little romantic touch also in my moodboard! Read on for this delicious recipe for Chocolate Rum Balls and a little more festive red and chocolate brown.

A Colourful Week

I know you’re all busy just as I am for this time of the year, and we still have to wait! Always for something, even if it’s the red traffic light to turn green…to go.. And how do you feel when we see that red light turn green? Or the second that you know that green light has changed to amber and yes you have to stop! How do colours make you feel? The cool blue, aqua colour of the ocean.(The memory of a holiday, relaxation) The green colour of a lush shady overhanging tree.(That wonderful picnic and nature walk) The rich bright colour of a sunset,(holding hands with your partner) or the grey cloudy sky of a thunderstorm (Rushing to take cover). Colours trigger emotions within us. This was one of the exercises this week in my e-course The Art and Business Surface Pattern Design. Making a colour palette of odds and ends around the house, we had to then add an accent colour and see how visually it changes. Throw a little colour …

TT – Phoebe eDition

It’s been an inspiring week with Kim Klassen, who over the last few weeks has been talking about her wonderful inspirational week away with the group ‘shutter sisters’. Her sisterhood bonds and her dreams. We all have dreams, I know I have many and I’m finally finding the path, the strength from within to share those dreams… Today’s photo was taken by my niece when she visited Floriade Australia’s Spring festival. Just beautiful coloured tulips, and the curly petals I love…I called it ‘Dancing Tulips’. A photographer in the making…the texture ‘phobe’ was also inspired by one of Kim’s friends daughters…only fitting to join the two. Joining in TT over at the cafe of Kim Klassen  Have a great day everyone Yvette…x

I’m free to fly….

Fly…into another weekend and another week flown by… It has a repeating ring to it doesn’t it! A beautiful Spring morning here in the country and just a little time to smell and pick the roses. And so joining in another Pink Saturday, I thought I’d style a couple of Spring photo shots with a little romantic flow to it. A personal touch, I’ve been working on a combination of my photography and pen work…create…I’m free to fly… “The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it.” Andrew Dunbar Rose petals, pearls, lace and pink….a little romantic pink! “Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes”  Charles Dickens Happy Pink Saturday friends…linking to Beverly’s Pink Saturday at  How Sweet the Sound. Have a great weekend. Yvette…x

A trail of Inspiration.

My starting point for this trail of inspiration not more than 24hours ago lead me onto many winding paths of colour, inspiration and acknowledgement of pure talent. One of the things on my ‘to do’ list was that for this month I would stay focused and blog a post every Saturday on Beverly’s Pink Saturday for the month of October as a reminder of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Take a couple of ‘clicks’ backwards, and although I’m not always finding time to post and create, within the solitude of my bedroom of an evening, I visit bogging friends, leave comments and join in the circle of friendship, that I so love to be a part of. Here’s my winding trail: I started with a visit to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, where she had her  monthly feature look at what’s ‘In my Kitchen’, Turkish ceramics, wild ginger drinks,and vegetarian paella to name a few, take a look and maybe join in. Sometimes when you visit friends, you spend a little extra time …

TT – Red eDition

Kim Klassens cafè is boosting in brightness with this weeks Texture Tuesday Photo challenge. Use the colour red and at least one of Kim’s textures in the processing. The colour red for me is passion, love, colourful country fields of red poppies, juicy red apples and Spring rose bud blooms. I captured my photo within the gardens hide away corner of mountains of parsley, sage and mint, lavender and lemon tree blossom and threw in a vivid touch of contrasting red. Pink Lady apples. Photo recipes: Photo 1: original photo + KKifonly texture + KKthursday texture + 25% fill light + 25% high lights + 25% enhanced shadows. (Picasa 3) Photo2: original photo + KKthe ladder txture + KKthursday + kkautumnburst + 80% shadows 30% high lights + 25% fill light. (Picasa 3) Catch up and link up to the other participants in Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen’s Café Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

TT- The Orange eDition

Today’s Texture Tuesday is the colour Orange. This colour can portray many feelings, those vibrant of Spring coloured flowers and fruit, or that of Autumn a more mellow feeling with changing leaves, and wintery soul warming vegetables. Oranges, Persimmons, Peaches, Mangoes, Carrots, Butternut squash, Apricots, Pumpkin, Tangerines, Sweet potato. What’s your favourite Orange fruit or vegetable? See some interesting facts about the colour Orange here.  …Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy. Stimulates activity Stimulates appetite Encourages socialization … Join in today’s Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen and check out all the wonderful photographers and their inspirational images portraying the colour Orange. Photo1: Recipe – original photo twistedvines + kkcrackerjack + shadow 20% + fill light 35% (Picasa 3) Photo2: Recipe – original photo twistedvines + kkmoody (Picasa 3) Photo3: Recipe – original photo twistedvines + kkcoolgrundge + warmfly45% + soft focus 56% + glow 30% (Picasa 3) Have a wonderful week, friends Yvette…x