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A Colourful Week

I know you’re all busy just as I am for this time of the year, and we still have to wait! Always for something, even if it’s the red traffic light to turn green…to go..

And how do you feel when we see that red light turn green? Or the second that you know that green light has changed to amber and yes you have to stop! How do colours make you feel?

The cool blue, aqua colour of the ocean.(The memory of a holiday, relaxation) The green colour of a lush shady overhanging tree.(That wonderful picnic and nature walk) The rich bright colour of a sunset,(holding hands with your partner) or the grey cloudy sky of a thunderstorm (Rushing to take cover). Colours trigger emotions within us. This was one of the exercises this week in my e-course The Art and Business Surface Pattern Design.

Making a colour palette of odds and ends around the house, we had to then add an accent colour and see how visually it changes.

celebration 001

celebration 002

celebration 003

Throw a little colour in…

celebration 004

celebration 007

I love the shimmer in the coloured gold paper.

Colour palettes can be found everywhere, take a look at a couple of my travel photo’s and how colour palettes can form, and make you feel.

travel photoshop palettes 004

Fresh, Crisp, Clean….Breathe

travel photoshop palettes 002

travel photoshop palettes 003

travel photoshop palettes 001

This colour palettes says fun, happiness, joy …laughter.

Have you ever thought of the colours which surround you..and how they make you feel. When you see a colour, how do you feel?

Are you always wearing black? (don’t worry, my hands up high..guilty of this one).

Try wearing a colour, and see the way your attitude changes, your emotions change and the reactions of others change with you!

Tell me what colour you love in your world, and how it makes you feel.

Look forward to the new starting week…



  1. It’s amazing how colour can enhance or change how we are feeling Yvette. For my home, I very much enjoy neutral calming hues and with summer, I am a lot more adventurous and wear colourful dresses – winter though (not my favourite time) seems to be a different story – black, brown and grey.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • I’m a bit like that during Winter too…although I was a little more adventurous last Winter buying Aubergine…still a very close ‘black’…Summer dresses are always ‘breezy’ and colourful.x

    • I wanted to throw in some accent colour that I wouldn’t usually use and yes lime green is one of them…x.

  2. What a beautiful and delightful blog Yvette , a pleasure to read and just reading it has a soothing effect , my colour is sky blue , for some reason it seems to remove the negative from my black hair
    Wishing you much happiness over the festive season Princess
    Aussie Emu

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