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tt – The Look Down eDition


This weeks Texture Tuesday theme is ‘look down’. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to photograph this beautiful rose, and it’s unusual colours. Soft pink petals each outlined with a soft tinged green. I can’t tell tell you the name of it as I bought a bunch while out shopping.

The recipe for today’s photo is very much a jumble, however I can tell you that I used the latest texture of Kim Klassen’s ‘Dream-it’.


I’ve also been experimenting with my photographs and making kaleidoscopes with their colours…

august 035  This design is from the exact same rose photo, using the software Paintshop Pro x. You can try it out with their 30 day trial here. Lot’s of fun!


Have a great day,….Yvette x


  1. Yvette, such a gorgeous rose…so beautiful in color and shape. And I love the lovely soft muted effect you’ve done with it. Both photos are so pretty. I’m glad you captured this breathtaking beauty, for I’m sure by now it’s changed.

    You are most creative and talented.

    Blessings in your search for beauty,
    Marianne xox

    P.S, The kaleidoscope effect is amazingly wonderful, too. The designs it can make seem endlessly captivating.

    • I’ve spent many hours playing with angels (I was suppose to write angles but let’s just leave angels as well)…. and designs…it’s truly amazing and seems that extra special starting with your original photo and making a complete new design. Love the Kaleidoscope effects! Have a wonderful day! Yx

    • Thanks Pat, I couldn’t resist trying out the new texture of ‘dream-it’. Have a great day behind the lens! Yx

  2. Such a beautiful rose, Yvette, and your editing is spot-on. Your “experiment” with the kaleidoscope effect is incredible! That’s some experiment!

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