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Christmas Decor

Is that right…eleven days till Christmas!…Is everyone else organized? Your trees are decorated, your wreath has prime spot on your door, presents wrapped, baubles are shiny and ribbon is curled! I’m not quite there yet!…how about you? Today’s texture KK –Annabelle from Kim Klassen is part of our 12 days of Textures series, leading up to Christmas, each day it’s a lovely surprise what inspiration arrives from this very talented and creative artist. Have a great day everyone Yvette…x Source: Twas the Night before Christmas Poem, Clement Moore; Etching The Graphic Fairy

12 Days of Textures

How exciting is this! Another couple of days, actually 12 days of new textures, and a lot more learning and creating with Kim Klassen. Today’s texture KK’lilly’ is lightly dabbled with music notes…I used this image also in a post here, and wanted to create something new with it…I loved the black and white image, and the subtle glow point hinting of the vibrant orange persimmons. The harshness of the freezing snow creates for me a ‘wonder in awe’ emotion…natures way of preserving goodness. Have a great day, Yvette…x

‘Twas the write before Christmas #3

It’s not a cry you can hear at night It’s not somebody who has seen the light It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah’ Some photo’s bring back memories…some songs make you reflect… Day 3; Prompt Big  Picture Blogs Leonard Cohens : Hallelujah. I’ve always loved Jon Bon Jovi’s Version…and that violin doesn’t  it such sing… Linking to; Photo source: original photo twistedvines + rh west texture:shabby script-

TT – The Love eDition

This weeks theme of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is Love. Delicious little shortbread biscuits. Baci di Dama – the translation…Ladies Kisses.The original recipe is from Piemont – northern Italy. Known for it’s hazelnuts. Two round hazelnut – almond shortbread biscuits joining by a kiss of chocolate in the centre. These special biscuits are just divine finishing off the evening with an espresso, or liqueur. Join in the Love eDition here Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

TT – Spring Blossom ‘Crackerjack’ eDition

Spring is on its way…Yeehaw! This weeks Texture Tuesday  party challenge with Kim Klassen is that we have to incorporate her new texture ‘crakerjack’. It’s a FUNtastic texture giving a photo a glazed crackle effect. I love this effect and let me tell you, to actually get this effect on any of your arty crafty objects it takes time and patience, waiting for paint to dry and the crackle  effect to magically appear. So much easier with a add button in our photographic software, with combinations of all sorts of adjustments to light and tones. I couldn’t decide on which one I liked the most, so I uploaded all three… What’s your opinion, tell me which one caresses your emotions and inspires Spring Fever. A cloudless sky, a world of heather. Purple of foxglove, yellow of broom; We two among it, wading together, Shaking out honey,treading perfume. Crowds of bees are giddy with clover Crowds of grasshoppers skip at our feet, Crowds of larks at their matins hangover, Thanking the Lord for a life so …

TT- The Orange eDition

Today’s Texture Tuesday is the colour Orange. This colour can portray many feelings, those vibrant of Spring coloured flowers and fruit, or that of Autumn a more mellow feeling with changing leaves, and wintery soul warming vegetables. Oranges, Persimmons, Peaches, Mangoes, Carrots, Butternut squash, Apricots, Pumpkin, Tangerines, Sweet potato. What’s your favourite Orange fruit or vegetable? See some interesting facts about the colour Orange here.  …Fun and flamboyant orange radiates warmth and energy. Stimulates activity Stimulates appetite Encourages socialization … Join in today’s Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen and check out all the wonderful photographers and their inspirational images portraying the colour Orange. Photo1: Recipe – original photo twistedvines + kkcrackerjack + shadow 20% + fill light 35% (Picasa 3) Photo2: Recipe – original photo twistedvines + kkmoody (Picasa 3) Photo3: Recipe – original photo twistedvines + kkcoolgrundge + warmfly45% + soft focus 56% + glow 30% (Picasa 3) Have a wonderful week, friends Yvette…x

TT: La Dolce Vita

We all have favourite film’s, and with our own personal  magnetism we reach out and grab something, a  memory of that film and lock it away until a significant word, a song or a scene triggers the memory again. Reading an article on Rome, memories of my travels came to mind. The many wonderful Roman buildings and statues. The cobbled alley ways and angel faced facades and columns. My photo challenge with Kim Klassen this week was to depict within our photo’s a title of a film. La Dolce Vita, in Italian meaning ‘The Good Life’, ‘The Sweet Life’. The film made in 1960, is a world famous film by Federico Fellini, and one of it’s famous scenes filmed at the Trevi Fountain in Rome is where Sylvia (played by Swedish-American actress Anita Ekberg) and Marcello Mastroianni wade under the cascading water of the famous fountain. It’s one of those classic black and whites where you fall under the spell of romanticism, wander along the cobbled streets of Rome with them and fall for a …