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TT – The Love eDition

coffee baci-1

This weeks theme of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen is Love.

Delicious little shortbread biscuits. Baci di Dama – the translation…Ladies Kisses.The original recipe is from Piemont – northern Italy. Known for it’s hazelnuts. Two round hazelnutalmond shortbread biscuits joining by a kiss of chocolate in the centre.

These special biscuits are just divine finishing off the evening with an espresso, or liqueur.

Join in the Love eDition here

Have a great week everyone,



    • Thank you Marilyn, I do so enjoy TT and mixing and creating new photo’s. Yes, love of coffee, kisses and angels are true for me. Have a joy filled week! x

    • Thank you Susan, for calling by, and joining in the TT party. Your photos are fabulous this week…have a great day! x

    • Paul, as a new follower I say thankyou for visiting and sharing in this creative space of mine. TT has only been a recent adventure of mine…although photography a long time passion. Using textures can create such a new and vibrant impression. I hope you enjoyed Kisses & Coffee….x

  1. It looks so good in more ways than one. I love the photo…looks highly appealing and inviting to sip and nibble. Artistically very well done – composition, colors, texture – a complete picture of delight for the senses. Your photos lately have taken on an air which, in my opinion, are both homely (cozy and comfortable) and commercially attractive.

    And I love shortbread!

    Joy to you,

    • Thank you Mairanne for your lovely comments. And I’m happy that my photo’s have created that impression, Have a wonderful day! x

    • Tandy, Anytime is perfect for these little bite size biscuits. Just enough for a happy hazelnut chocolate smile! x

  2. Ah, simply delightful! Baci di dama are my fave (I am from Piemonte/Piedmont), and you are presenting them soooooo beautifully! Really lovely! 🙂

    • Thanks Kia, once you try these, one is never enough! With their crunchy hazelnut biscuit and creamy chocolate filling…and with their teeny bite size…they are a pure sweet indulgence. x.

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