Wednesdays word
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Wednesdays Word

Tramezzini –plural

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It’s an Italian sandwich. The difference is in the bread. Pre sliced, no crusts.White and plain.But the fillings are way beyond boring.

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Tramezzini are packed with flavour. The filling combinations are never-ending with new flavours popping up everywhere on bar chalkboard specials. From chic char grilled vegetables, prosciutto,cheese and fig jam to the classics of mozzarella,roast beef and pesto.

The fillings are usually an overload on mayonnaise, however making them at home, mayonnaise can easily be substituted with light cream cheese , ricotta or fresh goats cheese.Tramezzini can be found in bars everywhere available for a mid morning snack or lunchtime break.

Two of my favourites are bresaola – (dried,salted beef thinly sliced), rocket and parmesan,or prosciutto,goats cheese and cherry tomatoes with freshly ground black pepper.

So my friends,this is Wednesdays word,one to remember when in Italy and ordering your lunch.

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  1. lifeinarecipe says

    You know you can never end Wednesday Words…I’m hooked! These sandwiches look awesome and I can’t wait to try and make some with your suggested fillings. Do the Italians have fitness programs to go with the food? If I am to eat my way through the country I will need one! Yummmm…Is all I can say!

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