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Sunny Sunday

sundays garden 009

Just couldn’t resist today’s sunshine this morning not to spend sometime in my garden. Even though it’s pleasurable work, it was truly relaxing and satisfying…

It gave me time to think and appreciate the little things that make a difference.

The past ten days have been a whirlwind for me, I’m a little lot more jetlagged than usual from a return trip from Australia. I really didn’t have much spare time, however a few wonderful hours were spent with friends and family.

It’s truly heartbreaking seeing one of your family members fading away. Most of my time was spent with my father, three months away from retiring he was struck with an illness and six years have now passed. He’s staying strong with mind games of grasping those handle bars of a motorbike and maybe riding off into the sunset. More than encouraging words and comfort, there’s nothing we can do to help solve these mysterious illness’s that can overtake ones life.

So with this mornings sunshine and the comfort of my garden I thought of all those things that with gratitude I exist…

The warm embracing arms of a loved one

The laughter of a child

The long distance phone call

The comfort of my pillow

The comfort of my home

My garden and my roses

How colouful my world is

Encouraging words from a loved one

The kindness from  a friend you know, and even more from a friend you’ve never met.

A soft whisper in your ear

A tender kiss

My friends I hope you’ve had a wonderful Sunday…and enjoy the week.


Yvette …x


  1. Lorraine says

    You really did have a nice day in the sunshine, ’cause they were trully wonderful words of wisdom. We are all very blessed with some wonderful things in our lives and yes we should sit back and smell the roses,because you never know or realise just how great we have got it. I had a lovely day with my family today and my grand children so yes life is good. Love you and miss ya heaps Lorraine. xxxxx

  2. Yvette, this has touched my heart…it spoke to me personally and I thank you for posting this. I needed to read your lovely words on this Monday morning. You have a good rest my friend, so happy you’re back xxx Hugs xx

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