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Our first Snow

It’s hard to believe that today we’ve had a first snow fall and it’s November. Bitterly cold winds and temperatures and yes…snow.

winter 2010 011

Thank goodness not enough to make a snowman, but enough to send us in a quiet frenzy of carefulness and patience on the roads.

I love the snow, the clean crispness of the garden covered in all it’s whiteness.

winter 2010 013

winter 2010 015

I took these photo’s last week, just as the sun was breaking through a cloudy foggy morning.


winter 2010 009

winter 2010 001

Just a little ray of sunshine! To start another day….



  1. Wow snow. The temperature dropped here too today but not for snow to fall. Have a good weekend. Cathy xx

  2. I have never seen snow before – well in real life that is and dream of the day that I can. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! As your temperatures are dropping, ours are rising – our humidity level is already at 70% and our pool water has already reached 31 deg C.
    🙂 Mandy

    • We’ve had a white Christmas with snow for the last 5 years…don’t think this year will be any different…a little bit different from those hot summer Aussie ones!

  3. Snow! The perfect amount~ a dusting! Wonderful for the the mood & setting the tone for the holidays! We tend to get ice unfortunately. Hope you stay warm 🙂

  4. lifeinarecipe says

    As always thanks for giving us a peek into your world over there! 🙂

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