Christmas Cheer
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Lost amid the Snow

photo by Yvette

Lost amid the snow…I remember the smile on my face, woken from a warm dreamy land,opening the shutters to find a  magical snow covered world outside my window. A smile of pure contentment of feeling free, and happy of seeking pleasure in the magical world of natural beauty. Everything that’s covered in snow is new again , pristine and glistening.

The single rose,  her everlasting beauty even in the coldest of temperatures, her petals iced over her thorns unseen…the light in my garden covered in icicles a golden glimmer amongst a snow covered path…Lost amid the snow.

Have you memories of today’s prompt…Lost amid the snow. Join in…it maybe a poem, a photo or something creative…  join in the fun of sharing your Christmas memories.

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Have a wonderful day my friends



    • Hi Alita…so true, roses are beautiful covered in snow! I was amazed at how it survived the cold temp.

    • It’s a joke between me and my family….I’m rugged up and doing snow angels and they’re always swimming in the pool on Christmas day!

  1. Goodness, those pictures are just beautiful! I love the way the snow gives everything a beautiful white covering.


    • Hi Hyacynth…thanks for calling by…photography has been a part of my life for a while, but it’s always a special time when the snow falls…every photo captures a different light and has a eery mystical feeling to it!

  2. lifeinarecipe says

    Snow is magical isn’t it? Thanks for sharing the photos, the scenes are lovely. We have been threatened with some snow today, but so far it is a no show. After reading your post I am now crossing my fingers that we will be dusted with some of the magical white stuff!

  3. What I would do for a white Christmas again…so magical and beautiful!! Hope you’re doing well girlfriend…I have been missing my friends so very much!! Biggest hugs and lots of love to you…keep those fires burning 🙂 oxoxoxoxox

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