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A twinkle of a star

So I grab a cup of coffee and spend a couple of hours looking around blog world capturing wonderful interpretations of different lifestyles and kitchens. I for one enjoy this time catching up with many friends old and new, seeing what they’ve enjoyed throughout the week or day, and seeing what great ideas they have shared with us all. One of these new blogs I’ve met through a link up is “The Mixing bowl Diary”.

Becky challenged herself in baking gluten free and dairy free. Experimenting with her passion of cooking:

“…I take out the mixing bowls,the spoons and measuring cups and somehow the hours pass without me knowing it. Creating,recreating and taste testing my way through this new Gluten-Free world…”

One of those recipes she’s shared with us for Valentines Day was Hi Hat Cupcakes



Don’t they look divine! Wait and see the finishing touches Hi Hat Cupcakes . I just had to share these with all of you.

“…Reminds me of a soft serve ice-cream with a hard chocolate shell…”

Thanks Becky for giving me permission to share your talent with everyone. I look forward to many more visits to your blog.



  1. At first glance I thought the cupcakes were ice cream cones. Delightful cupcakes! How nice for the people who must live gluten free. I knew someone who dealt with a gluten-free diet. It’s not an easy task. Blessings to you, Yvette…

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