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Christmas Tree.

‘Twas the write before Christmas #4

‘This one will do fine, this one is perfect!.’

The tree I have happy memories of. It’s the tree that took me on an adventure with Daddy.

The forest was filled with trees, but to find the perfect one, wasn’t my choice at all, it was Daddy’s choice. He knew which one was best to take home, he knew which one would make Mummy smile. Riding in the rusty pick-up was always the adventure I looked forward to every year, I’d stretch my neck to see the road, but Daddy knew the way, he always found the way. I was content to ride in that rusty truck, it was my time with Daddy to go on our special trip to find our special tree. Not too small, and not too big…the perfect tree. Our Christmas tree.

I knew that scent, the perfume of pines. I love the smell of the pines, the undercroft bed of pointed needles, just like a prickly porcupine, and the intriguing shape of the pine cones scattered on the forest floor. 

Each large footprint my Daddy would leave I would jump into and follow his trail. We smiled and laughed together as we sang Christmas songs,

‘There she is’ said Daddy. ‘What a beauty, she’s a perfect tree’

Daddy chopped it down with one full swoop, and I hid to keep out of dangers way. Our trail back to the pickup was different as we covered our previous tracks.

I couldn’t wait to see Mummy’s smile when we opened the door and she saw our tree. Our special tree.

Mummy had taken all the boxes down from the attic, and the warm coziness of the crackling fire in the study was welcoming. Now this was the start of my time with Mummy as we filled the tree with colours and lights. Angel wings and baubles. Coloured strings of tinsel…nothing else to do but put the little baby Jesus in his bed, and the bright shining star on the top of our tree. Here’s my job…my special job to finish our special tree. Daddy picked me up..up up high and all I could see was the love of my family, the joy in Mummy’s and Daddy’s voice and the smile on their faces and the heartbeat of my Daddy’s heart as I fell asleep in his arms.

I miss you Daddy.

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  1. Just loved it. I road along in the rusty pick-up with you, I could smell the scent of pine and see the love between you and your Dad…beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Yvette, for sharing so touching & personal a story. Love the image of a little girl, out with Dad, spotting THE tree.

  3. Daddy knew the way, he always found the way.
    I loved this line. It captures just how I felt about my dad as well. And the little girl hopping along in her dad’s snowy footprints…oh, that got me!

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