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Cucchiaino Bella Rosa


Roses, Roses, beautiful roses….


I don’t know whether you’ve seen roses like these before, aren’t they just beautiful…each petal is individually shaped and curled, craftsmanship, patience, creativity.


Shiny, smooth, glossy…read on for a surprise…


What would you say if I told you, these faux ceramic roses, were made out of a $1.00 packet of plastic teaspoons. No, you say. Yes, they are…made by my sister, in a couple of hours. Each spoon is melted under a flickering candle flame.


You can see in more detail how easy it is, and how creative you can be in an afternoon.

spoonrose2 spoonrose1 spoonrose4 spoonrose5 I won’t say easy, but certainly inspirational work and why not relax the afternoon away and make faux ceramic roses.

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Heading towards the weekend, Enjoy everyone.



    • Mandy, although my sister was doing all the work, while I was busy clicking photo’s. we had an afternoon of laughter at how, with the moulding of each petal. how it truly looked like a ceramic rose. Who ever was the first to do this, was either really creative, or really bored. It does take time….have a great day x

  1. Simply beautiful, Yvette. I honestly thought they were porcelain. For me, it’s not just the ability to make plastic spoons look like a rose. It’s looking at plastic spoons and seeing a rose in the first place. The best I can do is look at them and see chocolate ice cream. Hardly the same thing. I can see, however, that you’re not the only talented member of your family.

    • True, as the saying goes, someones trash is anothers treasure….how many plastic spoons have I disposed of….so many….how many would I keep to make ceramic roses…..not many. We just thought it would be interesting to see if this creative idea worked…and it did! Someone elses passion for sure! I’ll still only use plastic spoons for picnics…. x

  2. My Goodness how clever! I love the look – I can’t wait to give this a try! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. OH MY STARS!!!! TOTAL SHOCKER! I was sooooo amazed. I am still thinking, “NO WAY!” What does the back/bottom looke like? How does it stay together? I am not crafty enough to figure this out by myself! 🙂

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