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12 Days of Textures

How exciting is this! Another couple of days, actually 12 days of new textures, and a lot more learning and creating with Kim Klassen. Today’s texture KK’lilly’ is lightly dabbled with music notes…I used this image also in a post here, and wanted to create something new with it…I loved the black and white image, and the subtle glow point hinting of the vibrant orange persimmons. The harshness of the freezing snow creates for me a ‘wonder in awe’ emotion…natures way of preserving goodness. Have a great day, Yvette…x

Advent Cheer

Theirs are the little fingers, who can’t yet tie a bow, theirs are the smiles that you see with sparkle in their eyes, theirs are the cheers at the time of play…a little group of friends who each Sunday we meet and say a little prayer together, play a little song,sing and dance together and learn and listen to stories. The past couple of months I have been teaching Children’s Liturgy, a little group of people with big hearts and armfuls of hugs and love…and who have also taught me to take the time, and cherish the ‘ah ha’ moments… Advent is a time of preparation, and the last couple of weeks we’ve been preparing an Advent Christmas wreath for the Red Cross Christmas Wreath and Tree Competition. With so many new and exciting idea’s, we decided on the Advent colour of purple combining tulle, ribbons, baubles and of course some bling, I made these little signs…using hot silicone glue and white paint, the words Peace, Love, Hope (purple candles) Joy (pink candle) and Christ …

Inspirational Lesson One

Some of you that visit my blog may have seen a little icon to the right hand side of my blog, I enrolled myself into this amazing and inspiring course. The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, featuring Rachael Taylor  and Beth Nicholls and today I have been busy whirling with inspiration, colour, design and trying to find ‘my style’ of pattern art. For inspiration we were to look around us…and I’m always seeking inspiration for my photo’s from no further than a few steps from my door. So a look outside this morning, I soon saw inspiration in the garden. Continuing on with inspiration, we were then to combine this with objects we love in the form of strips and dots.What easier than to run for stationary card, ribbons, buttons,pens and paper. Some of my visual boards…. And here’s where it started to get a little challenging! It’s changing my perspective of how to look at things…I was reaching for the ‘graphics’ girl from within again and I actually had a lot of …


You know when you’re on the telephone, talking away, and you reach for that pen, and start doodling, over in the top right hand corner of the nearest notebook. Well, I’ve discovered those doodles within a frame are your Zentangles your creative side…Why not try this method of art. Making patterns, doodling in order to have an end result; a piece of artwork. It’s relaxing, It’s enjoyable…. It’s fun… …and it’s very, very easy. . and I know you’ve tried it! What’s a Zentangle? Zentangle was originated by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in Massachusetts, USA in 2005. It is a combination of deliberate pen strokes to create patterns, while exercising and relaxing the brain. Here’s my first attempt… Within a 9cm x 9cm square, draw a ‘string’ which is a freehand continuous line and shape. Within this shape, these area’s are filled in by repetitive shapes called ‘tangles’,  there are many suggested tangles or create your own… you a free to create what ever comes to mind. Some years back while doing my graphic’s …

Romantic Charms

Beautiful touches of pink and creams, in this romantic brides garter. Brides garter, Grooms handkerchief, and wedding cake ribbon. Threads, silks, ribbons, cross stitch, roses, pearls, dates and promises.This week has seen my sister working her fingers, making some romantic ribbons for a wedding celebration. All beautifully created by my sister, a very talented lady. Linking to Beverly’s Pink Saturday. October being the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, why not join in, for the month of October to Pink Saturday.

Easter Tags

Today has been spent designing these Easter tags for my nephew and niece to give to their teachers. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the Easter break up…and we’re all looking forward to that! These tags were made with different coloured papers, embellishments, buttons, feathers, ribbons and vintage photo’s. These beautiful vintage photo’s are from The Graphics Fairy, Karen has some beautiful free downlands of so many images, which can be used for so many craft projects. Pass by and take a look, you’ll need a little time, as you’ll get lost amongst so many lovely things. You’ll also find lovely French typography…all inspirational images Linking to It’s a Keeper Thursday: Recipe & Project Linky Friends, hope you’re all having a lovely day, Yvette…x

Salted Eggs –Easter Tutorial

So come on friends get cracking and hatch a few whimsical dressed eggs for a festive statement in your home. These covered styrofoam eggs are delightful, and  bring a little ‘bling’ into your Easter displays. So easy to make, fun and charming. Decorative Easter displays will just shine and dazzle! Read on for a full tutorial of these  Easter eye catchers….

Brush Strokes…

An adventurous outing on the weekend, and some bidding skills throughout the family, a box of wooden scraps was purchased. Old furniture legs and cornice pieces were included in this throw away box. We quickly put our creative hats on and the DIY skills into practice and planned to make a Welcome entrance sign. Nothing too fancy! Just a little country and rustic!

Sandy’s Tea Society

Sandy’s Tea Society ***** by Sandy Lynam Clough   An Edible Book Review inspired by Jain at Food for Thought, and co-hosted by Mary at Home is Where the Boat is. “ As each Lady shares her original ideas for decorating and setting her tea table, graciously entertaining, developing friendships, and preparing special recipes you will be treated to a touch of heartfelt hospitality and the exciting opportunity to deepen your own friendships.” Delighting in Friendships Steeped in Love “Welcome To My Tearoom! Won’t you come in and join us? Please don’t hesitate just because you don’t know anyone else here. I have invited these special ladies to tea because they have one thing in common: They are very rich.Oh, they’re not wealthy financially. But they are truly rich because in their hearts is a wealth of warmth and caring individual style and creativity, all just waiting to be shared.” After reading this book, which I might say is a Sunday relaxing read, this book is a little treasure of images, recipes and ideas for …

How they look…

Joy of Love #2 Happy messengers. Even as we’re having sweltering weather outside 40+ degrees. It’s another school day, and you can always almost depend on a child to turn any day after the afternoon school bell rings into a colour of sunshine. Children seem to instinctively know when a hug or kiss and smile is needed. “Hi Zia” ( Zia:Italian for Aunty) what did you do today? Not boring them with my daytime chores. “And what did you do today at school?” A continuous melody of words, giggles,faces and laughter fill the next 10 minutes.These little messengers of magic genius let me forget the outside world and capture my time for 10 minutes to see the glimpses of their playground imagination. And even more smiles with an afternoon icy pole treat.     “A world without children is a world without newness,regeneration,color and vigor”. Dr. James Dobson This is part of Joy of Love hosted by Willette Design you can join and share here