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TT – The Happy Heart eDition

Striking Pinks Original photo: Yvettes Twistedvines + kkhappy heart texture. For the last month I have been receiving a ‘daily truth from the Brave Girls Club’. By subscription you receive each day a free gift of words, and I so wanted to share these words with you…and share a happy heart with me. Dear Sweetheart Girl,When living a brave and uncommon life, things are never going to be the same, ever. We are constantly learning the new ways to do things, and the best ways to do things. We are often surviving through broken heartedness and growing stronger to get us to the next path of growth. We are always seeing new and beautiful things, and extracting the gifts, lessons and beauty out of everything, including the painful parts. We are always always always becoming, always. We were never meant to stay stagnant. We were never meant to “arrive” and to stay in the same place forever. Life’s greatest joy comes in creating and being a creation, in creating things that did not exist before …

Just enough

Starting the Beyond Layers with Kim Klassen this week. It’s been an amazing start to a new creative journey. Introducing ourselves to everyone from all parts of the world, and sharing our ‘creative’ stories, our journey of how and why we’ve arrived at this point and continue to travel and weave on life’s experiences. With no boundaries and limits we were to write our own individual creative story, honest and from within, listening to our deeper voice, however this little bird has still a few ruffled feathers, and even though my voice is small and quiet for now, in time will sing a beautiful song. This week… our first photographic challenge was with an image…say more…with less. Less is more. ~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Less colour enhancing in our photo’s, more natural tones, more light and creativity showing the viewer a more simplistic image, and captivate them in a moment of wonder. original photo twistedvines + kk awaken texture original photo twistedvines + kk zuzu texture original photo twistedvines + kk lola These cotton …

Embrace eDition

              Don’t fear change – embrace it.                                            Anthony J. D’Angelo Busy Bee Macro Photo Twistedvines + Embrace Texture by Kim Klassen We all fear the unknown, we all have our routines. And wouldn’t it be a boring place if we knew everything that was going to happen to us. How do we stay focused on the many wonderful things we have and then have lost. Gone, in a moment. Another moment gone by – lost in the past. What happened in that moment – I had control of my life, and can only do what I feel right to do in each moment. Our approaches to moments in time become our life. Can that next moment be an empty space, or maybe we should just   e m b r a c e  it as its own mystical place. How many times have you thought of something new, a new idea, heard a new voice and grasped that moment, that thrill or spark to reach for the unknown and embrace the moment. Our past experiences …


I’m not going to write bucket lists, wish lists, long lists…I’m going to write one word FOCUS …this is my word for twentytwelve. Every time I do something, that inner voice within is going to remind me of my word..focus..on the creative side, on the things I love to do, write and say. However many times things may seem blurred in my mind, with my eye’s I can focus, breath and grow. Moving into a new year, I’m back into the swing of Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen. This weeks theme is ‘nice and easy’, that’s the way we gently ease ourselves into linking each week at the cafe …what will be a year of creativity, new beginnings and lots of learning for me with my photography. Linking to the cafe here Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x

Christmas Decor

Is that right…eleven days till Christmas!…Is everyone else organized? Your trees are decorated, your wreath has prime spot on your door, presents wrapped, baubles are shiny and ribbon is curled! I’m not quite there yet!…how about you? Today’s texture KK –Annabelle from Kim Klassen is part of our 12 days of Textures series, leading up to Christmas, each day it’s a lovely surprise what inspiration arrives from this very talented and creative artist. Have a great day everyone Yvette…x Source: Twas the Night before Christmas Poem, Clement Moore; Etching The Graphic Fairy

12 Days of Textures

How exciting is this! Another couple of days, actually 12 days of new textures, and a lot more learning and creating with Kim Klassen. Today’s texture KK’lilly’ is lightly dabbled with music notes…I used this image also in a post here, and wanted to create something new with it…I loved the black and white image, and the subtle glow point hinting of the vibrant orange persimmons. The harshness of the freezing snow creates for me a ‘wonder in awe’ emotion…natures way of preserving goodness. Have a great day, Yvette…x

TT – Let’s Celebrate

recipe: original photo twistedvines + kkmusicsheet + highlights 43% This final Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen and all the other participants for 2011 is indeed a celebration. One which has taken me on a journey this year celebrating all the wonderful images captured behind the lens. I’ve learnt truly so much this past year about photography, textures, the things I love and the emotions that one image can hold. Images that when I look back over the year have made me smile, content and extremely happy of my achievements in extending my knowledge and passion for photography. Sometimes by extreme luck and good timing to capture one of natures beauties, or the persistence from within ( … the little pedantic streak in me) to get that set up shot just ‘right’. And with the passing of this ‘changing’ year, I look forward to new things, beautiful images and life’s challenges. Some of my favourites for 2011… TT: Camellia Rose TT: Back to School TT: Red   TT: three eDition TT: Vintage TT: La Dolce Vita …

TT – The ‘AndThenSome’ eDition

I don’t know about any of the other participants of TT, but it was missed last week. The whole of last week passed me by in a flash and no sooner I turned round, I had missed the whole week. And now it’s Texture Tuesday already. This week our challenge was to use Kim Klassen’s texture ‘And Then Some’.   I know, it’s a strange thing when even a dry wrinkled ruffled petal rose bloom, can still be attractive and inspirational for me to photograph. This rose is called ‘Peace’. Photo recipe: Both Photo 1 and 2 have the texture ‘And then Some’. Photo 3 has the additional texture – ‘Autumnburst’ Visit Kim Klassen’s Cafe here and see some of the other works of art. Have a great day, everyone Yvette…x

TT – Red eDition

Kim Klassens cafè is boosting in brightness with this weeks Texture Tuesday Photo challenge. Use the colour red and at least one of Kim’s textures in the processing. The colour red for me is passion, love, colourful country fields of red poppies, juicy red apples and Spring rose bud blooms. I captured my photo within the gardens hide away corner of mountains of parsley, sage and mint, lavender and lemon tree blossom and threw in a vivid touch of contrasting red. Pink Lady apples. Photo recipes: Photo 1: original photo + KKifonly texture + KKthursday texture + 25% fill light + 25% high lights + 25% enhanced shadows. (Picasa 3) Photo2: original photo + KKthe ladder txture + KKthursday + kkautumnburst + 80% shadows 30% high lights + 25% fill light. (Picasa 3) Catch up and link up to the other participants in Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen’s Café Have a great week everyone, Yvette…x